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Wool Swaddling Blanket, Receiving Blanket, Lovey

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A swaddling blanket made from lightweight, soft and airy wool, just right for using in the heat of summer, but will also provide fall and winter comfort!

These come with swaddling instructions and arrive washed and ready to use out of the package!

FABRIC: Message me for currently available fabric color options.

Benefits of Wool:

~Regulates body temperature: cool in summer, warm in
winter, although many people think of wool as "hot" it
is actually very comfortable in warm weather - wool
clothing is worn by great athletes like runners and
bicyclers in the heat of competition!

~Wicking wool provides a moisture barrier when
lanolized keeping your Baby Bear and baby's
bed/clothes/seat dry! Wool can absorb 40% of its
weight in water without feeling wet

~Lanolized wool is naturally anti-bacterial and
odor-resistant: it cleans itself, only needing
occasional washing and relanolizing!

~Wool is naturally fire retardant

~Best of all: wool is a 100% renewable, sustainable,
healthy, natural resource!


Materials: wool

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