Set of 5 MamaBear Training Pants, one size fits most - Waterproof Prints and Solids Mix

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Set of 5 MamaBear One-Size Training Pants with soft, FOE-bound waist and leg openings.

***NOTE*** Please specify Boy, Girl, or Gender Neutral at time of checkout. You will receive a mix of solids and prints in your specified gender from what I currently have on hand. You will not necessarily get 1/2 solids and 1/2 prints, it depends on what I currently have available to match your gender preferences.

These FOE trainers have soft elastic-bound edges at the waist and thighs along with independent snap settings to provide gentle sizing flexibility on a variety of infants, toddlers, and young children. This provides a slightly roomier fit and softer stretch on you Baby Bear's thighs and waist than regular elastic.

One pair of soft training pants that are cut to wear like big kid underwear! They will pull up like normal underwear but offer the flexibility of snapping off for easy clean-up of messy accidents.

Snaps at the waist and thigh allow sizing flexibility. These are designed to fit from about 18 mos to approximately 3-5 years of age depending on your child's build. These should see your child through the potty training process and even provide a little overnight protection for bigger kids.

Waist: 15-24"
Leg Openings: 11-16"
Rise: 16"

Soaker Layer is a full layer of super thirsty Microfiber Terry with a zorb (Wazoodle's proprietary super absorbent diaper material) portion sewn into the wet zone. This ensures a trim, light fit with great absorption to reduce messes.

Outer layer is Polyester PUL to prevent wicking of leaks until you can get your little one to the bathroom, protecting his or her clothes and your floors!

NOTE: These will NOT hold as much liquid as a diaper since they are smaller and trimmer with less soaking power. They are designed to help reduce messes for potty-training children.

Materials: polyacetal resin plastic professional snaps,FOE,fold over elastic,kam snaps,cotton jersey,microfiber terry,cotton terry,pul,fabrite