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Set of 10 MamaBear Organic Cotton Flannel Classic Flat Diapers

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Set of 10

An improvement on the versatile, multi-purpose classic flat diaper. These are made with soft, absorbent, undyed organic cotton flannel.

The classic flat is the most versatile, easiest to care for diaper in the world. Used for all of history for just that reason, they wash and dry quickly, fit any size baby, and can also be used as diaper inserts, napkins, burp cloths, towels, swaddlers, blankies, and nursing covers.

These are One Size Fits most, with amazing flexibility depending in the fold you use. They can be worn as diapers, pinned or snappi'd. They can also be folded to fit in pocket diapers, diaper covers, and other systems in place of or in addition to doublers.

This fabric also dyes beautifully if you want your own pretty stash!

27" x 27"

Materials: organic bamboo fleec,organic bamboo,bamboo,knit,fleece,OBF

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