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Quick Dry Snap in Soakers - Make Your MamaBear Cover an AI2

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This listing is for one Quick Dry Snap In Soaker. These soakers are made of 2 layers of fabric. The norm is 1 layer of super thirsty microfiber terry and 1 layer of soft 100% cotton flannel, but you can switch it up if you'd like.

Size: Approx. 14" x 16", attaches with 2 snaps at the center back. If purchased with a MamaBear cover this listing includes adding snaps to your MamaBear cover for this soaker. You can also use these to get more use out of your existing diaper system. If you need a different snap configuration please let me know.

~Simply fold the front down to the desired rise before tri-folding to fit a smaller baby.
~The folded layers keep the snaps from touching baby's skin!

This soaker is a tri-fold, this means it folds out to 2 layers for super quick washing and drying that also gets all the layers clean (have you ever cut open an 8+ layer diaper that's been used for 6 months? I have, and trust me, you don't want to know how nasty those inner layers can get!) Yet it folds into thirds to provide 3 layers of thirsty microfiber and 3 layers of flannel!

Materials: microfiber terry,flannel,bamboo,organic,kam snaps