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Microfiber Ultra Terry Fabric - SUPER thick and absorbent - 1/2 Yard

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Make your own cloth diapers, diaper inserts, cloth wipes. household wipes, family cloth, and more with this super absorbent fabric! It is recommended to sew/finish this fabric BEFORE washing as it will unravel.


* 60% Polyester/40% Polyamide (nylon) * Ultra Heavy Weight for more absorbency
* 62-64" Wide
* Optic White Color
* Absorbs fluids, 8 times its own weight in 2 seconds:
(fabric must be prewashed to remove knitting oils, and will become more absorbent the first 2-4 times it is washed)
* Made in the United States of America
* CPSIA complaint
* Don't be fooled by Light(er) weight fabrics: this MFT is superior!

Since MFT Ultra absorbs by quickly trapping moisture between the fibers, it is well suited for making items that need quick absorption for a lot of fluids. It is the perfect choice for making towels, wipes, soaker pads, doublers, insert layers etc.

When used in soaker pads, and diapers, it is recommended that you NOT use MFT Ultra next to the skin as it is so super-absorbent that it can wick skin moisture leading to discomfort and dry skin. Instead, use a natural fiber such as cotton, hemp, or bamboo as a topping layer.

Suggested uses include:

Diaper inserts and soaker layers
Adults & special needs incontinence products
Burp Cloths
Bath towels, bath robes & bath caps
Countertop cleaning towels

Materials: microfiber,microfiber terry,terry,MFT

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