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MamaBear Velour Cotton Rounds, Reusable Cotton Balls, Facial Rounds - Baker's Dozen

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You get 13 (A Baker's Dozen) rounds.

In my constant hunt for ways to use up my HUMONGOUS piles of ever-smaller scraps while simultaneously reducing my environmental footprint and cutting expenses I came up with the idea to make them into "Boo Boo Pads" - low and behold! There are already tons of people out there making just such a thing! So while these are not necessarily a new concept, they do make a nice addition to your Switch-To-Cloth collection!

~ Cotton Balls (for applying medicine or removing nail polish)
~ "Gauze" Pads (use under medical tape or a tie-on strip)
~ Hemorrhoid Pads (add Witch Hazel)
~ Make Up Applicators (ditch the sponge)
~ Make Up Removers
~ Apply toners, lighteners, under eye creams, and more!
~ Soak with water and freeze for "Boo Boo" Relief
~ Drip a few drops of essential oil on them and drop in your garment drawers or suitcase
~ Store in a bag with Catnip and they become cat toys!
~ use as tiny nursing shields for post-weaning drip
~ cushion callouses and blisters

These are made from THREE (that's right, they are thicker and plusher than most of those available) layers of cotton - 2 cotton flannel + 1 soft velvety cotton velour. They are serged on the edges with a decorative stitch line through all layers to prevent bunching and allow for easy folding if desired. They are approximately 2.5" across.

Materials: Cotton Flannel

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