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MamaBear Snap & Go Wet Bag - Travel Size (10 x 11.5) Dressed to the Nines

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This wet bag is constructed of an inner layer of eco-PUL (no harmful solvents) and an outer of 100% cotton. It measures 10" x 11.5" when closed.

The Snap & Go closure system creates a good leak barrier while being more durable than velcro and with no chance of catching your precious stash of diapers or menstrual cloth in a zipper.

Great for dirty diapers on the go, this bag folds down small for fitting into your diaper bag but will hold 2-4 diapers!

Also perfect for swimsuits, dirty clothes, washcloths, wet wipes, cloth menstrual pads, nursing pads, and even snacks (though I wouldn't recommend using the same bag for diapers that you use for food! :o)

When dirty just toss it in the wash and dry as usual! No special care needed.

Materials: pul,cotton,batik,snaps

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