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MamaBear Ring Sling Made from Your Fabric

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Envious of all those gorgeous ring slings you see people walking around carrying their BabyBear's in? Can't bring yourself to spend a small fortune for one that's not EXACTLY what you want?

Ship me 2.5 yards of your favorite fabric (at least 30 inches wide) and I will stitch one up just for you that is exactly what you wanted. You can match your baby decor, your diaper bag, pick an heirloom fabric, whatever you want!

(You may choose to ship as little as 2 yards of fabric if you are very small or don't want much of a tail on your carrier. 2.5 yards is standard for a tail that can be a nursing or rain cover or to fit just about any size of wearer. A very large wearer who wants a very long tail might choose to go with 2.75 or even 3 yards of fabric.) The orange one I'm wearing (yes I look crazy:o) in these pics is only 2 yards long, hence it's short-tailed.

I use only rings from, smooth aluminum or nylon rings with no weld points made and tested specifically for baby carriers.

I will pick a coordinating ring color or you can pick from what I have on hand. NOTE: Thicker fabrics may require larger or nylon rings, thinner fabrics may require smaller or aluminum rings.

Fabric will be serge finished on all sides in a coordinating color and shoulder is unpadded and center-pleated at the rings.

***If there is enough fabric left over I will stitch you up a matching carry case with snap closures for FREE!***

NOTE: You should remember that you are going to be carrying your precious BabyBear in this - don't pick fabrics that are too thin or weak to withstand baby's weight or hold up in washings. Some cheap quilting fabrics degrade quickly and may not hold up. You will want a decent shirtweight or bottomweight fabric with NO stretch for a Ring Sling. On the other hand, very thick fabrics (such as fleece, which is not an appropriate ring sling fabric) will not slide well and will not be adjustable. If you want a fleece sling consider a pouch-style sling.

ALWAYS CHECK YOUR SLING EACH TIME YOU USE IT! Ensure that there are no rips, frays, or loose seams, for Baby's sake! NEVER use a sling that is damaged to carry your most precious cargo!

Materials: sling rings

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