MamaBear Reusable Cloth Wipes (Unpaper) Set - Baker's Dozen

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These are all 100% cotton Interlock, Jersey, or flannel, great, sturdy, absorbent fabrics with decent "scrub" power :o)

***NOTE: You will not be able to pick specific colors as I package these up before I list them so I know how many I have and can get them to you right away!***

Never buy Toilet Paper, Baby Wipes, Tissues, or Napkins again!

This is a set of 13 washable cloth wipes. These are made of 2 layers of 100% cotton in a beautiful array of colors and patterns. The fabrics have been prewashed to prevent shrinking.

Set these in a basket on the back of the toilet, the wipes warmer, or the dining room table to replace all those disposable paper products your family uses with soft, absorbent, washable, attractive cloth!

These wipes are approximately 4" x 8" the perfect size to fit in a wipes container without folding. The 2 layers have been serged together for a soft, durable, non-bulky finish. Let your kids pick their own 'pretty' TP! Great for potty training!

These wipes also fit in refillable and travel wipes containers as well as wipes warmers. Or stick them in your Diaper bag or purse for on the go use. They can be used dry or wetted with water or a wipes solution for a cleaner clean. When you're done just toss them in the wash!

All have been prewashed.

Materials: cotton,jersey

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