MamaBear One Size Wool Diaper Cover Wrap - You choose color and weight

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FINALLY! A One-Size-Fits-All Wool Diaper Cover! Forget buying 3 or 4 or more different sizes for your Baby Bear!

Material: You choose from a variety of colors and weights that I have on hand! You can get snap closures or hook & loop (like velcro). Please specify what you prefer ("boy", "girl", "neutral", "natural" etc.) for more selection pictures.

NOTE: Please specify preferred color(s), weight, and closure system at time of checkout. Colors shown are samples and may no longer be available.

-fully encased, gently elasticized legs and back
-turned and top-stitched for durability
-29 individually set professional quality snaps will
outlast your cover and keep your wrap beautiful use
after use OR
-Hook & Loop (velcro) closures with fold-back laundry tabs
-at largest size setting snapping wrap is fully reversible!
-should fit over ANY cloth diaper, fitted, prefold, or
flat-fold! Will even work over lay-ins such as soakers
and even towels, t-shirts, or other materials in a
pinch or forget buying diapers all together to save $!
-arrives washed, lanolized and ready to use

Size: Birth (8 lbs)to potty training (40 lbs)*
The Measurements are:

Waist: 11-23"
Rise: (front to back) 15-20"
Leg Openings: 7-15"

*All sizes are approximate. Please check your baby's measurements.


Wool is a renewable healthy alternative to plastic diaper covers. Wool breathes keeping baby cool, dry and preventing diaper rash. When lanolized it's a great moisture barrier since it is able to absorb 40% of its weight in water before feeling wet. Wool is also naturally flame retardant and anti-bacterial - amazing stuff!


Want to try cloth but having a hard time with the expense involved in buying a stash of tons of different diapers, covers, sizes, and options? Try this:

Buy 1 MamaBear One Size Fits All Wool wrap or waterproof Diaper Cover. Use it on your BabyBear instead of a disposable in the morning. You don't even need a diaper, just lay a folded soft towel, t-shirt, or other absorbent cotton material in the middle and snap/velcro it on.

Change as usual with a disposable next, throw soiled toweling in wash and rinse cover by hand (you can skip this part for a wool wrap that is only damp). Hang cover to dry. By evening you can use your cover again!

By replacing just 2 disposable diapers a day you are saving approximately $3.50 - $5.00/week depending on what disposables you use. That's enough to buy another cover in a couple of weeks!

With 2 covers you can replace 4 disposables a day saving $7-10 a week, enough to buy another cover in a week or two!

With 3 covers you can almost completely replace the disposables by washing and rotating drying and just filling in with disposables when a cover isn't dry yet!

A good number to shoot for is 10-12 covers (6-8 wool). This allows you to accumulate enough soaker materials and covers (remember wool shouldn't be machine washed and doesn't need to be washed every time anyway) to do a load of diapering materials every other day, completely eliminating the need for disposables!

Materials: wool,polyacetal resin plastic professional snaps,hook and loop