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MamaBear Lanolizing Wool Wash For Hand or Machine Washing - 8.5 oz

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MamaBear Lanolizing Wool Wash For Hand or Machine Washing

Lavender & Eucalyptus, Tea Tree Oil & Eucalyptus, or Unscented

This is the wool wash I developed for batch washing and lanolizing my wool diaper covers prior to selling them. It's easy to use and is similar to expensive mass-produced wool washes such as Kookaburra and Eucalan, but less expensive and made with love by me in my home!

You get 8.5 oz in a pour-cap container.

It cleanses while also lanolizing and can be used in either the washing machine or for hand washing.

**PLEASE NOTE: I use 8 TBSP of lanolin (4 solid, 4 liquid) in EACH 46 oz batch of wash. This wash is excellent for maintaining the lanolin in your fibers and cleansing soiled fibers, but you may find you still need to lanolize with pure solid lanolin from time to time if you are using wool diaper covers, particularly for heavy wetters.

Eucalyptus oil adds a clean scent and is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and moth-repellent. Lavender is also mildly antiseptic and is the heavenly scent so loved for soothing and relaxing babies.j

This is great for wool diaper covers, but also works well for prepping wools for artisans, and caring for your other wool items such as these gloves from another Etsy seller:
100% natural, plant-based with Water, Pure Castile Soap, Polysorbate 80 (derived from Raspberries), Pure Lanolin, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil (Lavender Oil) and/or Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternafolia Oil) and/or Eucalyptus Globulus Oil (Eucalyptus Oil).

**Please note that some older labels may have Sodium Laurel Sulfate on them but this is NOT in your wool wash. This is a sudsing agent that is not natural and has been linked to skin irritations for some people. I have not used this in my wool wash for over a year, but had pre-labeled around 500 bottles.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: (also included on each bottle)

To hand wash woolens:
Stopper your sink or use a large bowl.
Shake wool wash container well, then
squirt 2 pumps into bowl or basin.
Fill remainder with room temperature water. Place woolen in wash water, pressing down gently (do NOT over-agitate or use hot water: your woolen will shrink!) Gently press and
swirl woolen in wash water, let sit for
10 minutes. Drain sink or bowl and press
out excess moisture. Hang woolen to dry.
You may also roll the woolen
in a towel and step on it to help
dry it even faster.

To machine wash woolens:
Place woolen(s) in washing machine.
Shake wool wash, then squirt
2 pumps/woolen directly into wash tub.
(Warm water or excessive agitation will shrink your woolen!) For best lanolizing use just enough water to cover your woolens, use “soak” for 10 min., and skip any second rinse option. Hang woolen to dry.
You may also roll the woolen in a
towel and step on it to help
dry it even faster.

Materials: water,castille soap,lanolin,lavandula angustifolia,lavender oil,eucalyptus globulus,eucalyptus oil,polysorbate 80,sodium lauryl sulfate