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MamaBear All In One, One Size T-shirt Fitted Cloth Diaper, AIO - Bright Skulls Nordic

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One Size Fits Most Fitted Cloth Diapers - Quick Drying, Easy to Use All-In-One

This is an "All In One" diapers, meaning it contains the absorbency and waterproofness all in a simple-to-put-on piece just like disposables! This diaper is designed to fit from birth to potty training (approximately 8-35+ lbs)

Made from adorable upcycled, repurposed t-shirts for the ultimate in green style. Swaddle your baby bear's bum with class!

**Please note that because these are upcycled there may occasionally be slight flaws with the fabric: tiny holes, pulls, minor stains, or stretched areas. These will not affect the use of the diaper.

Super trim, soft, and absorbent!

~ 100% cotton Jersey outer in t-shirt style
- Hidden, waterproof PUL Layer to prevent leaking (note that because these are cotton they will tend to wick moisture around the legs to the outer layer more readily than synthetic fabrics, which may reduce the time they are waterproof)
~ Hidden, sewn in soaker layers of ultra microfiber terry and zorb in the wetzone for unbeatable soaking power
~ elasticized legs & back to hold in messes
~ Just fold down the waist as needed for a perfect fit on smaller babies

***The last three pictures show you the inner layer of the diaper and how you can size it down with folding and may not represent the item you are ordering.***

Lay a booster in the center before folding the soaker to boost absorbency even further for very heavy wetters at night!

Materials: cotton,flannel,tshirt,jersey,interlock,microfiber,terry,kam snaps,PUL,zorb,microfiber terry

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