Fleece & Bamboo Nursing Shields - Luxury Protection

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Back by popular demand!

Fabulous 5" (approx.) nursing shields made from a layer of super soft, absorbent bamboo velour for against tender skin with leak-resistant, breathable, easy care, soft fleece on the outside. These pads have an inner soaking core of Wazoodle's proprietary Zorb fabric making them more absorbent than many other pads you'll find.

Choose fun and funky patterns to match your personality or muted colors to match your wardrobe.

Many of the same properties that make fleece an awesome diaper cover also make it GREAT for nursing mothers. The best feature is that you can toss it right in the wash with everything else. No fuss - perfect for new moms.

Materials: zorb,jersey,Merino,knit,Bamboo fleece,Interlock,Wool

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