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Destash - 1 mil PUL Scraps -Approx. a POUND- Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope

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Scraps of ECO PUL (there may be occasional PUL from other mills) Polyester Interlock PUL backed waterproof fabric.

These are what's left when I cut out my diaper covers. They are too small for diaper covers but would make good waterproof pouches, small bags, menstrual pad liners, nursing pad liners, or other small applications where waterproofing is needed. You may not get exactly those items pictured, but they will be similar. Pieces may range from about 3" x 8" to 12" square or greater. I don't save the little tiny pieces... Colors will vary but may include colors such as red, orange, citron, sungold tomato, butter, spring, kelly, celery, navy, royal, seaspray, aqua, lavender, purple, pink, black, brown, gray, or white.

It will nearly all by 1mm, though occasionally some 2mm PUL might be included.

This fabric runs $8.50-12.00/yard so this is a great way to try some to experiment with or for small projects. I just HATE to throw it away because I pay so much for it, but have to admit that I will NEVER be able to use up all my scraps.

I've stuffed a Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded envelope as full as I could get it and still get it to close. Your package will weigh between 15 and 21 oz. This fabric averages 8-9 oz/yard so this should be between 1 1/2 and 2+ yards of fabric for less than the price of 1 yard AND you get a variety of colors!

From the Manufacturer's Website:
* AKASoft PUL meets the requirements of US FDA for food grade materials per ingredients on the GRAS list and is, thus, considered food-safe.
* No substances listed on California’s proposition 65 are known to be present in AKASoft PUL.

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