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Convert your Receiving Blankets or baby towels into One Size Fits Most Training Pants

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*** NOTICE: This is a return of one of my most popular items! ***

Ready to take the plunge and start potty training? Don't know what to do with all those blankets and baby towels you've accumulated?

Keep on using them! Have your stash converted into special "Potty Panties" for your little one.

How it Works:
You ship me your blanket and/or towel (let me know if you want more than one and I'll create a custom listing) and I turn it into a training panty. The price is per prefold/trainer.

You Can Add:
~A waterproof strip through the wet zone ($1.00 solid, $1.25 print),
~A full waterproof layer ($3.00 solid, $3.50 print),
~A Decorative cotton panel ($1.00)

Size adjustment is made with snaps that allow adjusting the waist and thigh openings.

Snaps also allow you to take off the trainer like a diaper for messy accidents, but also allow your BabyBear to practice pulling off and on their own panties!

These trainers will include a layer of microfiber terry and a layer of zorb to boost absorbency and remain trim. They will NOT hold as much as a diaper as they are trimmer in the crotch, but are designed to help prevent messy accidents and big leaks.

These will generally fit from about 18 months to about 3 or 4 years of age depending on your child's body type. I use the same great pattern I use for my MamaBear trainers.

NOTE: You do not have to pay for your listing until I have received your fabric. Because I will have responsibility for your items, I will NOT begin work until AFTER you have paid for your listing. Please understand that every effort will be made to insure the safety of the items you send to me, but I cannot be responsible for items damaged in shipping.

After purchasing your listing I will let you know where to ship your materials. PLEASE, PLEASE include your Etsy name in your package! Trying to keep 100 trainers from 12 different customers straight is a NIGHTMARE (ask me how I know). :o)

Return Shipping Calculations: (U.S. only)
1- trainer will ship for $3.00 (first class mail)
2- trainers will ship for $4.00 (first class mail)
3-4 trainers will ship for $5.50 (padded flat rate)
5-10 trainers will ship for $12.00 (medium flat rate)
11-20 trainers will ship for $16.00 (large flat rate)
Additional trainers will require further calculation.

Materials: foe,kam snaps

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