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Belly Binding Wrap, Bengkung - Natural Unbleached Cotton

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Abdominal Binding has been around for centuries as a way to provide abdominal support, reduce back strain, and promote healing. They have been used following abdominal surgery, natural and caesarean birth, for low back pain treatment, to improve posture, and to reduce the waistline.

The additional support the belly wrap provides can help with back and abdominal pain, nursing, post-partum uterine contractions, and posture. They can provide the additional support needed to reduce abdominal strain while getting back into shape.

Not only that, unlike ugly elastic and medical versions, these wraps are pretty and can be a great accessory, not just something you wear around the house! The long length means that they can be adjusted to suit your size, even as you slim down or pick up weight. Save money not having to buy 2 or 3 different sizes of medical bands!

These wraps are 15 yards of natural 100% unbleached cotton muslin. They are approximately 7" wide and have serged edges for greater durability. If you wash one of those wraps with unfinished edges you may lose a significant portion of the width to ugly fraying and long dangly threads - but our serged edges insure your wrap will look nice wash after wash and use after use.

Materials: cotton muslin

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