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5 MamaBear One Size Cloth Diapers from Upcycled T-Shirts - Snaps

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5 MamaBear One-size fits all cloth diapers, mixed lot.
(Please specify boy/girl/gender neutral)

One Size Fits Most Fitted Cloth Diapers

Made from adorable upcycled, repurposed t-shirts for the ultimate in green style. Swaddle your baby bear's bum in style!

Super trim, soft, and absorbent!

Includes snaps for adjusting both the waist and rise! Easy to use! Snaps will outlive your diaper!
The rise folds down once and has great adjustability while remaining trimmer than standard 3x3 rise adjustments.

Super trim, soft, and absorbent!

~ 100% cotton Jersey outer and inner
~ Inner soaker of a full layer of microfiber terry and a soaker layer of Zorb (bamboo, cotton, and microfiber blend)
~ elasticized legs & back to hold in messes
~ 18 professional grade KAM snaps

These will fit these size ranges:
Waist: 12" to 23"
Thighs: 6" to 16"
Rise: 12" to 18"

(Approximately equivalent to disposables size 1 through 5.)

These diapers are trim yet absorbent! They are NOT waterproof and will require a cover or very frequent changes.