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42 PREWASHED Flannal 6.5 in. Quilt Squares - Tractors & Chevrons

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42 coordinated, prewashed 6.5" Flannel Squares

Perfect for a quick baby gift! These 42 squares will allow you to make the TOP of a crib rag quilt or square patch quilt.

42 squares should allow you to make an approximately 33" x 39" quilt top (6 squares x 7 squares), or you could sew them into projects like handbags, nursery gear, and more. To make a rag quilt you will need at least 42 MORE squares for the back. You can choose another coordinated set or use natural or solid colored cotton flannel.

I PREWASH all of my cotton fabrics prior to pressing and cutting with a rotary cutter. I use only HOT water and HOT dryer settings, no soaps so fabric will not irritate delicate skin. This means you don't have to worry about distorted or shrunken projects after you put all that hard work into them!

I never understood why other cotton bundles aren't prewashed, everyone knows cotton shrinks! And flannel can shrink as much as 20%!! Now you don't have to be afraid to mix it up with other fabrics or insure your lovely creation is washed safely in cold water and line dried.

Materials: cotton,flannel

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