13 MamaBear Organic Hemp Fleece Rounds, Reusable Cotton Balls, Facial Rounds - Baker's Dozen Set

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They are finally here! BLACK organic hemp Facial Rounds. I’ve had so many requests for black rounds and finally found a great source for a soft, absorbent, amazing hemp blend fabric!

Contents - 50% Hemp / 30% Organic Cotton / 20% Bamboo

You get 13 (A Baker's Dozen) rounds. These are the rounds shown in the first picture - Black organic hemp blend with white stitching. The other pictures are there simply to show their relative size and possible uses.

In my constant hunt for ways to use up my HUMONGOUS piles of ever-smaller scraps while simultaneously reducing my environmental footprint and cutting expenses I came up with the idea to make them into "Boo Boo Pads" - low and behold! There are already tons of people out there making just such a thing! So while these are not necessarily a new concept, they do make a nice addition to your Switch-To-Cloth collection!

~ Cotton Balls (for applying medicine or removing nail polish)
~ "Gauze" Pads (use under medical tape or a tie-on strip)
~ Hemorrhoid Pads (add Witch Hazel)
~ Make Up Applicators (ditch the sponge)
~ Make Up Removers
~ Apply toners, lighteners, under eye creams, and more!
~ Soak with water and freeze for "Boo Boo" Relief
~ Drip a few drops of essential oil on them and drop in your garment drawers or suitcase
~ Store in a bag with Catnip and they become cat toys!
~ use as tiny nursing shields for post-weaning drip
~ cushion callouses and blisters

These are made from TWO layers of thick, soft Organic Bamboo Fleece, serged on the edges with a decorative stitch line through all layers to prevent bunching and allow for easy folding if desired. They are approximately 2.5" across.

I am currently experimenting with several different mills for some of my natural and organic fabrics (bamboo, cotton and hemp). During this transition period you may notice that some of these products may vary slightly in color, thickness, or texture. All have similar descriptions but variations occur due to raw material supplies and different milling processes. I am hoping to find a reliable, cost-effective long-term provider with excellent quality so that I can continue to offer these items as the great value I always have.