How do I have you convert my prefolds?

MamaBear has long been known as the place to get even more life out of your prefold diapers. Once you are ready to potty train I can convert your prefolds into one-size fits most cloth training pants!

How it works:

To get started you let me know how many trainer conversions you want and what (if any) extras you'd like (such as dyeing, pul waterproofing, etc.).  I'll then set you up a custom listing meeting your specifications.

You mail your prefolds to me and when I get them I let you know, then you pay for your listing and I start work! You are welcome to wait to pay for your listing until I receive your prefolds, however I work orders in the order in which they were paid - so if 10 orders came in between the time you mail your prefolds and the time you pay for your conversions, you will be number 11 in line for completion.

Sizing Information:
These are based on a generic pattern I've created, however the actual sizing is related to the size of your prefolds. Generally infant prefolds are going to have a shorter rise and slightly smaller waist and thighs while premium and regular prefolds will fit the pattern exactly. Toddler prefolds will have a slightly longer rise and some brands will have a bigger maximum waist measurement.

You can basically determine the measurements they are going to be this way: take your prefold width, multiply by 2 and subtract 1.5" - that will be the maximum waist measurement. If you subtract approx. 3-4 inches from that that is the smallest the waist will be. The rise is the length of the prefold (though of course it is scrunched up a bit by the elastic).

I can cut prefolds down to fit smaller babies (at NO additional cost), and can even enlarge smaller prefolds by adding additional fabric (at an additional cost), depending on your needs. Many EC'ing parents want tiny trainers for their little ones - in that case infant prefolds may work as is.

You are welcome to specify colors for the trim and any embellishments, but be aware that while I try to keep a large selection on hand I do occasionally run out of some colors. In that case I can either substitute or you can request that I hold your order until new materials come in.

Once your order is completed I let you know and ship it back to you. Turn around time on custom orders may vary from 1-14 days depending on the size of the order and the number of orders in line.