MamaBear Medium Pad Wallet, wipes pouch, wet bag - Choose from Available Stock

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**NOTE** Because I cannot seem to get my inventories to update across all my selling platforms I'm afraid I cannot show individually listed wallets as they are usually one of a kind. However I'll happily snap a photo of available options for you to choose from when you place your order.

I call this nifty little bag a "Pad Wallet".

So you use cloth, but your stuck with plastic sandwhich baggies to haul it around in...
Now you can carry your cloth pads with you on the go! This discreet bag has separate PUL lined compartments for clean and dirty items.

You can also use it to hold wet and dry cloth wipes so that you'll never be without! Or tuck some cloth wipes in there, stick it in your purse for those inevitable times you rush to the bathroom in a public place only to find there is no toilet paper - argh!

This medium Wallet is big enough to hold approximately 2-4 of my medium/heavy pads or up to 20 cloth wipes depending on the size.

The "clean" side has a simple slip-in pocket while the "dirty" side folds over and snaps shut to provide protection from dampness and odors. It is fully lined in waterproof PUL with an attractive cotton print outer.

Also great for:
~ a cloth tissue/hanky case
~ a make up wallet
~ holding tampons and light pads

Materials: pul,cotton,kam snaps