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Petal-a-Day Set of 30 MamaBear LadyWear Interlabial/Intralabial Petal Pads

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Set of 30 Random MamaBear LadyWear Interlabial/Intralabial Petal Pads - One for each day of the month!

What you Get:
~ 30 Interlabial Petal Pads

I will choose your Petal Pads randomly from my existing stash to build your kit so your items may not all match. This is a GREAT WAY to build your stash if you aren't picky about colors/patterns.

Interlabial pads are the thinnest, trimmest, lightest weight menstrual, mild incontinence, or dailywear external solution. Perfect for if you are uncomfortable with internal devices, need a simply solution for ultralight days, or want just a little something to back up your menstrual cup.

These are made of 3 layers of 100% Cotton Flannel. They are center-stitched to aid in positioning and folding. Simply fold in half along the center line and press between your labia. Your body holds the pad in place! Place farther forward to help protect against mild sneeze/laugh incontinence, place in center for menstrual flow or to keep your undergarments fresh throughout the day.

The Petal Pads are approx.

Petite: 3.5" long and 2.5" wide
Regular: 5" long and 2.5" wide
Long: 6" long and 2.5" wide

They may be used with either side against the body.

Why MamaBear Cloth?

**NOTE** I occasionally get comments in feedback about someone preferring the pads could be chosen and not random. Please note there are quite a few pad sellers out there who will let you choose your patterns - and charge you a premium for it. They have to! It costs extra money to invest in enough of 1 fabric to guarantee a print, extra time to take pictures, extra expense to list individually, and extra hassle and cost if you get stuck with a pattern that isn't popular. My goal is to keep prices as LOW as possible so that EVERYONE can afford to switch to cloth. That being said I try very hard to choose fabulous, beautiful, and adorable prints and colors for my pads so that you will love them and also attempt to accommodate special general requests to avoid certain colors and/or designs.

There are a number of beautiful cloth menstrual products available on the market, what makes MamaBear products unique is that I've tried to address the 3 following issues I encountered when I began using cloth products:

1) COST: Many products are gorgeous and nearly all will save you money over disposables as they last YEARS, but the initial investment can be high. I want you to be able to use cloth products without breaking the bank! You can get FOUR MamaBear pads for the same price as ONE of some other pads!

2) BREATHABILITY: I choose not to use PUL in my LadyWear products. While I do use this in diapers this is because of the sheer volume of liquid one has to retain! During the entire menstrual cycle only a few OUNCES of fluid is expelled. I've found that if you size the product properly to your flow there is no need for waterproof layers. At most a breathable, thin layer of fleece might be used in overnight/heavy pads. This means greater airflow, less bacterial growth and less odor (a common problem with disposable pads). Unlined pads are more comfortable for most women. If you have particularly heavy flow you might want to consider a feminine cup (internal product) with a cloth pad back up.

3) DOWN-TIME: This is the amount of time your pad is NOT usable. If you have to wait until you accumulate enough to wash as a separate load it's likely that means each pad only gets used once/cycle. If you wash your pads with your regular laundry or by hand you may find that they are not clean or dry completely through. MamaBear pads are Quick-Dry! The layers that provide protection fold out completely to allow the entire pad to dry quickly, even if you hand-washed and hung them! You can use each pad every day of your period meaning you have to purchase fewer pads! Also, because they fold out it is easier to get all of the layers COMPLETELY clean and rinsed meaning less irritation and more hygenic periods!

All MamaBear Products come with Care Instructions!

Materials: flannel,cotton,cotton velour

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