MamaBear BabyWear Waterproof Diaper Cover, Wrap One Size Fits All - Set of 5 Solids and Prints Mix
MamaBear BabyWear

MamaBear BabyWear Waterproof Diaper Cover, Wrap One Size Fits All - Set of 5 Solids and Prints Mix

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You get a mixed set chosen at random from my existing stash. You may get either 2 or 3 prints (or even more), depending on what I have available.

Buy this set of 5 and save! These 5 Covers can be all you need for cloth diapering not just 1 baby through potty training - they are built to last you 2 or more babies!! Just buy a few packs of soft dish towels and you have all you really need to diaper your baby from birth through potty training!
Or buy a few of these:
to make them into easy to use all-in-twos!

A Simple One-Size-Fits-All Diaper Cover! Forget buying 3 or 4 or more different sizes for your Baby Bear!

Material: 1 Layer of 100% polyester knit PUL; 1 Layer of polyester/lycra/nylon print or polyester ProWick piqued knit.

Size: From birth (approx. 8 lbs) to potty training (approx. 40 lbs)*

The Measurements are:

Waist: 9-25"
Rise: (front to back) 15-18"
Leg Openings: 5-16"

*All sizes are approximate. Please check your baby's measurements before bidding.

NOTE: This deal is only available with snaps, not aplix.
The EASIEST MamaBear Diaper Cover to maintain: wash &dry as you would any clothes!

You’ll LOVE this ultra-trim, simple, soft diaper cover. It won't add bulk and will be comfortable and flexible. The polyester means no wicking to clothes like cotton covers and it dries fast and doesn’t hold odors.

You can even use this cover as a SWIM DIAPER to meet health department regulations at most public pools!

-Professional quality plastic snap closures are durable (they will likely outlast your cover)
-Fully encased, gently elasticized legs and back
-Turned and top-stitched for durability
-Should fit over ANY cloth diaper, fitted, prefold, or flat-fold! Will even work over lay-ins such as soakers and even towels, t-shirts, or other materials in a pinch or forget buying diapers all together to save $!


Want to try cloth but having a hard time with the expense involved in buying a stash of tons of different diapers, covers, sizes, and options? Try this:

Buy 1 MamaBear One Size Fits All Wool wrap or waterproof Diaper Cover. Use it on your BabyBear instead of a disposable in the morning. You don't even need a diaper; just lay a folded soft towel, t-shirt, or other absorbent cotton material in the middle and snap/Velcro it on.

Change as usual with a disposable next, throw soiled toweling in wash and rinse cover by hand (you can skip this part for a wool wrap that is only damp). Hang to dry. By evening you can use your cover again!

By replacing just 2 disposable diapers/day you are saving approximately $3.50 - $5.00/week depending on what brand you use. That's enough to buy another cover in a couple of weeks!

With 2 covers you can replace 4 disposables/day saving $7-10/week, enough to buy another cover in a week or two!

With 3 covers you can almost completely replace the disposables by washing and rotating drying and just filling in with disposables when a cover isn't dry yet!

A good number to shoot for is 10-12 covers (6-8 wool). This allows you to accumulate enough soaker materials and covers (remember wool shouldn't be machine washed and doesn't need to be washed every time anyway) to do a load of diapering materials every other day, completely eliminating the need for disposables!

Materials: pul,polyurethane laminate,polyacetal resin plastic professional snaps,prowick,velcro hook and loop

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