MamaBear Cotton Waterproof Diaper Cover, Wrap One Size Fits All - Hello Kitty

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**This product was handmade from Licensed fabric purchased by me and used to make a new item using the First Sale Doctrine. I am in no way affiliated with the original copyright owner.** 

A beautiful, wipeable waterproof cotton one size diaper cover. 

Material: Outer is 100% high quality woven cotton; Inner is waterproof Eco-PUL.

Size: From birth (approx. 8 lbs) to potty training (approx. 40 lbs)*

The Measurements are:

          Waist: 9-25"

          Rise: (front to back) 15-18"

          Leg Openings: 5-16"

*All sizes are approximate. Please check your baby's measurements before bidding.


** Please note that diaper covers that use cotton on the outside have a slightly greater tendency to wick moisture at the legs in the crotch area in particular, especially when the absorbent material inside is really soaked. For that reason I've avoided using cotton on diaper covers for years but the amazing array of gorgeous prints and options that simply cannot be found in polyester fabrics means I just HAD to start using some cottons!

So to make these as effective as possible I've taken a few extra precautions so that you can get the most out of your beautiful cover:

       ** the elastic is sewn on the PUL side of the cover before turning, this means the PUL will have a slight tendency to roll OUT instead of IN to help prevent wicking

       ** the PUL is sewn so that the shiny side is facing OUT instead of hidden - this makes your cover "wipeable" meaning you can change your baby more often without changing the cover! Simply wipe it clean and reuse


     -Professional quality plastic snap closures are 

      durable (they will likely outlast your cover)


     -Hook & Loop closures are easy to use and 

      allow infinite adjustability; fold-back laundry tabs 

      keep your wrap beautiful use after use

     -Fully encased, gently elasticized legs and back

     -Turned and top-stitched for durability

     -Should fit over ANY cloth diaper, fitted, prefold, or

      flat-fold! Will even work over lay-ins such as 

      soakers and even towels, t-shirts, or other 

      materials in a pinch or forget buying diapers all 

      together to save $!

Make this a complete diapering solution by adding this listing:




Want to try cloth but having a hard time with the expense involved in buying a stash of tons of different diapers, covers, sizes, and options? Try this:

Buy 1 MamaBear One Size Fits All Wool wrap or waterproof Diaper Cover. Use it on your BabyBear instead of a disposable in the morning. You don't even need a diaper; just lay a folded soft towel, t-shirt, or other absorbent cotton material in the middle and snap/Velcro it on.

Change as usual with a disposable next, throw soiled toweling in wash and rinse cover by hand (you can skip this part for a wool wrap that is only damp). Hang to dry. By evening you can use your cover again!

By replacing just 2 disposable diapers/day you are saving approximately $3.50 - $5.00/week depending on what brand you use. That's enough to buy another cover in a couple of weeks!

With 2 covers you can replace 4 disposables/day saving $7-10/week, enough to buy another cover in a week or two!

With 3 covers you can almost completely replace the disposables by washing and rotating drying and just filling in with disposables when a cover isn't dry yet!

A good number to shoot for is 10-12 covers (6-8 wool). This allows you to accumulate enough soaker materials and covers (remember wool shouldn't be machine washed and doesn't need to be washed every time anyway) to do a load of diapering materials every other day, completely eliminating the need for disposables!