Wool & Bamboo Velour Nursing Shields - Luxury Protection

Wool & Bamboo Velour Nursing Shields - Luxury Protection

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Fabulous 5" (approx.) nursing shields made from a layer of super soft, absorbent bamboo velour for against tender skin with leak-resistant, temperature regulating, breathable, anti-bacterial wool on the outside. These pads have an inner soaking core of Wazoodle's proprietary Zorb fabric making them more absorbent than many other pads you'll find.

The wools used may be new merino wool jersey or interlock or upcycled sweaters and wool flannels. Choose fun and funky patterns to match your personality or muted colors to match your wardrobe.

Many of the same properties that make wool an awesome diaper cover also make it GREAT for nursing mothers. The best features are it's natural temperature and moisture regulation which work to reduce risk of thrush, mastitis, and clogged ducts. I also personally found that my production increased when wearing wool pads over both disposables and pure cotton pads. I'm not sure why that is, but it was noticeably higher - perhaps because of the temperature regulation. I'd love to hear from you all if you experience this also!

Simply hand wash in room temperature water or wash in a lingerie bag on gentle and lay flat to dry. May be tumble dried on low heat to soften. Using a lanolin enriched wash such as my wool wash or Eucalan will insure your wool retains all of its great properties.

Materials: zorb,jersey,Merino,knit,Bamboo fleece,Interlock,Wool

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