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1/2 Dozen Stay-Dri MicroFleece Diaper Liners - Protect Baby and Your Diapers

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6 Micro Fleece Stay Dry Diaper Liners

These soft microfleece liners are great for protecting both your diapers and your little one's sensitive skin! Simply lay in your diaper before putting the diaper on your Baby Bear.


~ Keeps moisture away from baby's skin to improve comfort and reduce redness and irritation

~ Reduces diaper rash and heat rash by acting as a barrier between wetness and skin

~ Protects cloth diapers from creams, ointments, and medications

~ Makes #2 cleanup easy - messes don't stick! You really CAN just shake off solids (and

~ Helps reduce staining of cloth diapers

~ Can even be used to reduce irritation from disposable diapers

~ wash and dry quickly and stays soft use after use

These are pre-made in an assortment of colors. You will receive a random assortment unless you specify otherwise at checkout.

Soft wooly nylon serged edges to keep edges flat and neat. Approximately 5" x 13" to use with any size diaper or type of diapering system.

Materials: microfleece,micro fleece,fleece,polyester fleece,wicking fleece,wooly nylon

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